Is Body Language Causing Your Aches & Pains?

In the previous two articles we explored body language, other non-verbal communication and how the world perceives you through both.  But how does body language contribute to physical aches and pain?  The connection may surprise you.

Recently I met with a client who had major neck and upper shoulder pain.  He’s disciplined with self-care receiving regular chiropractic and energy treatments, for years. Still the pain persists.

So what was the cause of his pain?

What I noticed first is he held his shoulders very low and leaned far back in the chair – all the while keeping eye contact (present and available) and speaking with his hands (engaged and expressive).  His posture revealed a story line, suggesting feeling responsible to carry a heavy burden (slumped shoulders) and a feeling of defeat (submitting way back into the chair).

Clear enough, more conversation revealed a co-worker was, for some time, failing to do their part, and his supervisor expected my client to take up the slack without complaint.

This life situation showed up in his body language.Posture-collage-300x300

The remedy:  We optimized his posture adding empowerment to his stature, we added intrinsic strengthening exercises (strength at the core = strength in life) and he left with less pain.

Making these dramatic changes took a matter of minutes. He went from looking defeated and closed off to an open hearted strong being. 

I told him he looked like Superman!

What do you know about your own posture?  Do you think a part of your life story shows up in the way you carry yourself?  I’m not a fortune teller, but I do know that left unresolved, issues in life become ‘issues in the tissues’ as one of my clients like to say. 

My wish for you is to address your structure now and optimize your posture before it becomes painful.  Our being is sometimes so much wiser than we are (if thinking about them separately works for you).  Life will always guide us toward healing, growing and improving.  As spiritual teachings offer “it’ll either be a tap on the shoulder or a 2×4 over the head that gets our attention”.

If you suspect your posture could use some optimizing, please don’t wait.  Within minutes(and easily over Skype) you could have a new outlook and reduce or avoid pain altogether.

Here’s to finding your inner super hero.

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