assage Therapy and Bodywork Therapy are hands on modalities or manual therapy which provide positive effects and changes to the body. Knowing when to use each modality can make the difference between temporary and more permanent relief.

assage therapy is a powerful treatment that produces many positive results in the body including but not limited to affecting the parasympathetic nervous system -the part of our nervous system directly responsible for relaxation. Centuries ago and still today in some jurisdictions, massage is classified as a limited practice of medicine largely due to its profound effect on the body.

When is it best to choose massage therapy?

  • To decrease stress as the rhythmic flow of a massage is designed to trigger parasympathetic, or relaxation, responses in the nervous system.
  • To support cleansing as massage moves fluid through the body for recirculation and elimination
  • If muscle soreness is present as massage brings the body’s #1 healing agent – blood – to tissues.

odywork therapy is a hands on treatment that alleviates source pain and discomfort. Unlike the rhythmic relaxing flow of a massage, bodywork therapy targets compensation patterns which develop from misalignment in specific areas and body segments.

When is it best to choose bodywork therapy?

  • If recurring pain is not alleviated from massage for more than a few days
  • When orthopedic injuries and surgeries result in chronic pain
  • After any physical injury, trauma or impact

Equivalent to driving a car on a bent frame, the body’s structure wears out quickly, when not aligned

Structural balancing is Bodywork therapy modality that focuses on pain management, body mechanics and injury rehabilitation. Unlike massage therapy, the outcome of structural balancing is permanent pain relief by identifying the source of pain and pain patterns, and alleviating them. Most treatments can be done fully clothed and last no more than 90 minutes. Working with Gina includes postural assessment, movement reeducation and hands on technique. Hers is a thorough, comprehensive approach to pain free living.