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Love, Confidence & Freedom


There’s a self love movement happening right now that I’m proud to be a part of and I invite you to check it out.   My friend and colleague Cole Bombino is leading the way and it centers around loving yourself, loving your life, and intrinsic happiness.      It’s no secret there’s an overwhelming […]


Your Most Complex Exercise pt3

Changing your gait while you are in it is difficult, but there are some keys to optimize that swagger.  So far in this series we’ve covered functional tips that are preconditioning if you will – ways to strengthen and pattern your body before taking that first step.  Today we’re going to explore two new tips […]


Is running good for you?

It’s running season! This time of year the trails along the Hudson are more and more full each morning as the weather warms and the sun rises earlier. I find myself watching every runner and their gate completely mesmerized by the mechanics and how different they are person to person. […]


Is running ruining your back?

It’s not uncommon to feel fine while running and then afterward feel discomfort or tension low back tension.  While it’s not uncommon, it is an indicator that something in the mechanics of running is off and should be addressed and corrected.  By the way, the same mechanics can be present […]