What is The Schatz Method™?

“I saw you last year for side pain I’d had for years since our daughter was stillborn. I have been singing your praises since my pain was “cured” and have referred many to you.”
-Jane Smith, New York. Read more from Clients…

The Schatz Method, or structural balancing, is Bodywork therapy modality that focuses on pain management, body mechanics and injury rehabilitation. Unlike massage therapy, the outcome of structural balancing is permanent pain relief by identifying the source of pain and pain patterns, and alleviating them. Most treatments can be done fully clothed and last no more than 90 minutes. Working with Gina includes postural assessment, movement reeducation and hands on technique. Hers is a thorough, comprehensive approach to pain free living.

“Equivalent to driving a car on a bent frame, the body’s structure wears out quickly when not aligned.”
-Gina Schatz