Professional Training Program

Applications are now being accepted the for The Schatz Method training program.

All applications are reviewed and considered yet only TWO are accepted per month.
So much of the program is structured 1:1 time with me, that the number of applicants accepted is limited to allow all that time per practitioner.

This is a one year training program in a specialty method I developed over 23 years and 10,000 hours of clinical time. If it speaks to you, I hope you’ll join me.

The benefits of the program speak for themselves:

In the last year, a yoga teacher (actually two) quit their full time corporate jobs and began their private practice as therapeutic yoga teachers just half way through the training program.

A massage therapist who converted her private massage practice into a comprehensive therapeutic practice, doubling her earning power and alleviating pain.

 A Pilates instructor who kissed her studio goodbye (and their cut of her earnings) and now sees her own clients, offers them therapeutics to alleviate their pain and limitations AND is building her empire complete with videos and online sales in a specialty she’s been dreaming about for years.

A yoga teacher who now knows the names and actions of all muscles – and can create a treatment plan to address them with yoga asana to get her clients out of pain.

A personal trainer who went from burn out with one on one sessions to developing a summer group program that will meet her desire and increase her income – and, she is now armed to address any physical restriction that her clients used to use to avoid working out.

Are you the next success story?

If you are serious about getting people out of pain, discomfort and restoring function,
Hungry to learn just how to do that
Committed to doing the work to learn the program and become a strategic thinker and
Value the guidance of a mentor and the support of a team of like-minded colleagues
You very well should be next.

Here’s the link to apply: