To Sit or Stand at Work?

There is a lot of talk out there right now about standing desks vs. sitting desks and which is better to use at work.  This conversation reminds me of the one about ergonomic desk chairs vs. therapy balls as chair replacements that was popular a decade ago.  Of course, as a posture person I get asked these questions all the time.

So which is better: sitting in a particular type of chair or standing at the new “standing desk” options that are all the rage? 



The answer is that no device outside of you is going to give you good posture, or create good body mechanics.  Standing and sitting are activities that your body is built to do and NEEDS to do on its own. 

 Is standing better than sitting? 

^^ Look at this guy

 How beneficial would standing be for him all day?

My point is, the way you stand and the way you sit have far more bearing on the structural health of your body than any chair or desk.  Stand optimally and your body will be strong and vital.  Sit optimally and your body will be strong and vital, too. 

Is it possible to sit and stand healthily?  Absolutely! 

Standing and sitting optimally are involved exercises.*  I call them exercises because they each provide the body with strength, ease and energy (vs. feeling tired by the end of a project or work day) and most people feel they work much harder when standing and sitting the way I show them. 

Consider this: Sitting for more than 49 minutes is not a good idea (these details outlined in the complimentary body guide).  Standing with slumped shoulders and locked knees is worse than sitting optimally, even if you add the 49 minute limit. Before investing in an office makeover or expensive furniture give some attention to your posture.  

As always, I’m here to optimize your choice to sit or stand!  


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