Sometimes the Body Is Not The Problem

What comes to mind when you hear the term Psycho somatic?  Webster’s defines it as “a physical illness or other condition caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress.”

There was a time when the term “psycho somatic” was used as a dismissal (or worse) of a person’s ailments.

I’m personally and professional delighted we’ve all evolved into wiser body conscious people.

Louise Hay pioneered the study of mind-body connection during her years as a psychologist.  She carefully documented the physical complaints her patients presented with and saw a direct link between their emotional struggles and physical symptoms.

Using Louise’s work and the principles of eastern practices including the Chakra system and shiatsu meridians, we can map the entire body into a richer understanding.  The chest and shoulder area, for example, is  known as the Heart Center and is the integration of our inside world and outside world – our own integrity.  It’s the site of compassion and love, for Self first then others.

Several years ago a client came in with right shoulder pain.  The right side of the body is associated with  assertive energy, anger and masculine relationships (the aspect of it with yourself and with men in your life).  We worked physically at first including manual therapy, repatterning exercises and strength.   When her shoulder pain persisted with the same intensity over and over again, I dug a little deeper.

This client was working for a male whom she believed was gravely dishonest and not a good person (to put it lightly).  At the same time she was responsible for her ailing father and all of his medical, personal and housing needs.  In short, her own integrity was challenged and it centered around two men in her life.  She knew what her boss was doing was wrong yet she needed financial security to care for her father. With this clarity, her recurring right side shoulder pain made a lot more sense.  Working manually wasn’t going to alleviate her symptoms 100%.

So what is it then, the mind or the body?  Mental and emotional challenges are real.  Physical discomfort is real.  The key to success in my treatment setting is to work at the genesis (as one of my clients recently dubbed it).  It’s not uncommon for my clients to present for their session without clarity about the type of treatment they need or what the session will reveal.  They just know something is ‘off’.

One of my favorite tools for aligning mental and subconscious misalignments is PSYCH-K.  Think of it like meditation meets psychotherapy.  It’s one of the most potent and effective tools I’ve found to reprogram beliefs and create mental discipline.

If I only have one hour with someone for the rest of our lives, how can I provide the greatest transformation and relief?  Some days the answer is physical alignment, sometimes its subconscious alignment, and sometimes energetic. We’re all dynamic and multifaceted after all.

Curious if PSYCH-K can work for you?  Here’s an invitation to experience this tool and what it can do for you.  These intro sessions are complimentary and last 30 minutes.

Wishing you mind-body alignment,

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